— Kandaya resort —

Kandaya resort sets the bar way up high that it will be tough to top. Yes, it has a price tag, but it was the most luxurious place I stayed at so far and it was as complete as possible. It’s a huge resort, so even if it’s fully booked you won’t notice this, plenty of space for everyone.
I can say that we had the full Kandaya experience in the three days “testing” all facilities and services. And trust me there is A LOT! I can conclude that this is the perfect place for your honeymoon! But also for families with kids, they have thought out everything to entertain.

Your vacation starts when Kandaya picks you up with their shuttle service. It’s a deluxe van, I describe it as a business class ride. Pillow and blanket are provided. You can select the movie you want to watch. There are complimentary bites and drinks.
Want to take it to the next level? Kandaya has a helipad or you can land with a water plane on the beach.

From the second we arrived, I knew that it won’t be a regular hotel review article, this is a complete vacation that I write about! I will break everything in separate chapters to have a better overview.


— Beach pool Villa —

We stayed at a villa with a private pool and view over the beach. You have a lounge area, desk, and a big bathroom. I was a big fan of the bathtub and the double sink situation. The bed was super comfy for your sweet dreams.
The resort has a really big public pool, but it was nice to have a private pool in the garden as well.


— Malapascua —

Yes, Kandaya owns another private beach on Malapascua island. You can book a day trip to the island, which is a 45 min speedboat ride away. Have a picknick lunch here in the afternoon and go snorkeling.


— Water sport —

Plenty of water activities like paddle board and canoe for free or pay for the jet ski. You can use the snorkeling gear and snorkel around. There are lots of starfish here!


— Facilities —

At 6 am you can take part in the morning stretch in the gym, facing the beach. Or you can have a workout in their in-and outdoor gym. Followed by a relaxing massage in their spa?

— Food —

The restaurant has international cuisine. Most of the fresh ingredients are grown on their own organic garden.


— Romantic (dinner) —

We had one of our dinners on a catamaran. Very romantic during sunset. We ate sandwiches and fruit. When we got back, there was a surprise dinner on the beach that was lined with flowers on the sand to a super beautiful romantic setting. When I put it on my Instastories, many of you even thought that I was engaged lol.


— Horseback riding —

For beginners and advanced horse riders, they have a stable with lots of horses. Ride inside the barriers, or take a walk overland to the beach.

Also, at the back of the stables, there is a petting zoo with so many different animals, like parrots, guinea pigs, turkey, etc.


— Why stay at Kandaya resort —

– Most complete resort
– Service orientated
– Honeymoon appropriate
– Kids friendly
– Private excursions to Malapascua
– Watersport activities
– Horseback riding
– Organic garden
– You can land with your helicopter or seaplane

— Hotel details —

address: Daanbantayan, 6013 Cebu; The Philippines
website: www.kandayaresort.com

— Video —

Watch the (Dutch) vlog to see the complete Kandaya experience.

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