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Why I still blog

I hope you have noticed that I have been more active on the blog lately. My blog is the favorite part of all the “tasks” that I do for the business, yet I didn’t make enough time to update it for a while. So I am happy to tell you that I am back with the weekly postings!

I am aiming for 2-3 posts a week for now. I made new sections –Tip of the Week– and –Trend in the Spotlight– to share more tips that I personally love at the moment. I just came to the realization of why I should invest more time in my blog over all my other platforms.

First of all..

my love for creating more in-depth content and putting my heart out there as a therapy session is where it all started. I love thinking in concepts and trying out new things. The blog allows me to experiment, gives me the space to really put it out there without being judged by the “likes” that I am generating.

The readership here is quite stable at the moment. Honestly, whether there are 10, 100, or thousands of people reading my posts, I would still keep posting on the blog. This outlet gives me so much satisfaction. To think that someone else reads it and might get inspired by this is the best feeling. So thank you so much for checking in here! It means so much to me!! <3

Although I saw the interest shift from blog to Instagram. I still believe in blogs! I love reading authentic blog articles where bloggers share reviews, advice, and inspiration.
I am interested to read what the opinions are from my favorite bloggers who I trust, getting to know new brands ahead of time (basically researching), or just escaping a little bit in their dreamy creative content (some blogs really look like an art magazine these days!). I believe a recommended product so much more when I can read that someone put the effort to experience it.


I am so tired of the Instagram algorithm and the pressure of getting a big following while keeping a high engagement on Instagram, that it kind of demotivated me to be on Instagram. It’s something lots of people got affected by, so I am not too winey about it, but still, it sucks.

Naturally, I leaned more towards the blog, where the loyal readers will find their way and it’s a place that Google finds me too! Don’t ever under-estimate SEO (search Engine optimalisation), my blog posts from 3 years ago still get visits, and by analyzing the blog posts I can see that some new people who get interested by my content go way back to the archive to catch up. For example, my travel articles are the ones that people search for or saving it for when they are actually going to visit a destination.


My blog is actually the only platform that I technically own. With all the Instagram algorithm fuss going on, I am happy to still have my own thing here. I mean, what happens if Instagram or Youtube suddenly shuts down?! I would be out of business then..

4 Style blogs worth following

That being said, I would like to share my favorite blogs at the moment. I still keep track of my favorite blogs via bloglovin (mine is here :)).
These following ladies are so different from each other, yet I find (life-)style overlap in each of them that I can relate to. Together with their amazing content I crown them as my style gurus to follow.

Which blogs are you following? I am always interested to find new people!

Song of Style
by Aimee Song

When people ask me who my influencer icon is, I say Aimee Song. She was one of the first people that I followed and got inspired by to start my own blog. I would wear everything that she wears and go to any place she recommends. So you can’t call her an influencer I wouldn’t know anymore 😉

Besides her style and travels, I can totally relate to her food-wise. I don’t know how she can stay in shape like that, but that girl can eat! Oh and the most important aspect of why I follow her is her goofy kind personality that makes her total package unique.

In the Frow
by Victoria Magrath

Victoria is this classy beauty princess with ash-blond hair. I clicked on her profile because her beauty stood out, but as you read her blog posts you will immediately know that she is so much more than just a pretty face.

I briefly met her backstage last year during NYFW and she was the sweetest girl ever (see here). Her blog is a true reflection of her caring stylish life, with extended reviews and educational content. This blog post is actually inspired by her vision about the blogosphere, which I couldn’t agree with her more (read it here). She just relaunched her website, which looks extremely professional, makes it even more worthwhile to scroll on the desktop (most blogs should be read on a big screen instead of the phone, because of the graphics).  

Framboise Fashion
by Sara Mikaela  

Sara Mikaela is a Danish-Australian influencer. I met her a few years ago in London and she was exactly what I expected her to be from her content: sweet bubbly and extremely gorgeous! 

Her blog, Instagram (her stories are super creative), is high quality, as you are reading a personal magazine. Her creative storytelling and photography skills are serious goals for me.

The Chriselle Factor
by Chriselle Lim

I followed Chriselle before she became the most fashionable mommy boss. She is the ultimate girl boss to me, as she is surrounded by such an awesome big team for her empire. I seriously look up to all of that. Needless to say, her content is flawless, original, updated (I always want to try out the new beauty brands she suggests), and just goals (she works with the most prestigious brands that I dream of). Her Youtube channel is even better! Not forget to mention that she is a mum and she is expecting her 2nd kid at the moment while managing this time-consuming business! She makes me believe that I can still do this work when I have a kid someday 🙂


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