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Events and product launches March 2023 hashtagbylily

With my job, I am lucky enough to get invited to amazing events and receive products when there is a new launch. Truly, I feel blessed and it doesn’t get bored after so many years. I still appreciate the effort and enjoying the experiences. 

That said, I feel like I should continue sharing these, because they simply deserve to be seen and I don’t want to take them for granted. I try to bundle them in (bi-)monthly articles like these, so you’re also up to date with the latest launches. Enjoy!

X Lily

Chin. Ind. Rest.

When it comes to Asian (Chinese) representation, you can find me as a cheerleader, because this subject is very close to my heart. 

Even more proud when your friends launch a cookbook that is more than just a cookbook. It’s a legacy of the Chinese Indonesian kitchen in The Netherlands. Read about the history, personal stories and original recipes you can try at home.

Chin. Ind. Rest book – €38,99

Chin. Ind. Rest. Book launch
Chin. Ind. Rest. Book launch Jois Ang
Chinese chicken dish

Kiehl’s Strength line reducing concentrate

I got these two Kiehl’s products gifted with 12,5% vitamin C. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I love how both serums feels on my skin. 
It feels full and active (sometimes I feel it tinteling on my skin) and the hyaluronic acid keeps the moist.

With the lack of sleep lately, this product was my savior.  

Kiehl’s – €75,97

Kiehl's powerful strength line reducing concentrate

Lindt limited edition bunny

I’m a sucker for chocolate, so when Lindt invited me for a lunch, I had to say yes. The lunch was at Keukenhof, which was the first week of the opening this year. Love to be a tourist in my own country. I have been in Keukenhof before. I have to say, it pretty much looks the same. It’s still early in the flower season, so not a lot was in bloom yet. I would suggest to come half April if you would like to see more flowers in The Netherlands. 

Anyway, I was there at the beautiful Lindt lunch to celebrate their latest limited edition Easter bunny. Interior stylist, Roos Reedijk, was there to host the event and tell us all about the latest trends to host an Easter brunch/dinner. Love all the colors that is used. 

I’m not hosting Easter brunch this year, but I will try to put more effort in the table setting next time I host something with friends of fam.

Drunken Elephant

I went to my first Drunk Elephant event and it took place at the stunning location at Capital C. I can appreciate and enjoy the details of an event. From stunning table setting with flowers going in gradient color flow to the end of the table, to ice cubes with their logo on. Just stunning and perfect. Always “gezellig” to be seated next to a friend, in this case my favorite Angela (@curlbellaa).

During the lunch, a new product was introduced, the bouncy bright facial masque illuminateur. It’s a formula with 10% azelaic acid, which can improve discolorations. I have it ready in the bathroom to test it soon!

If you’re curious too, find the product here: Bouncy Brightfacial

Capital C Drunken Elephant event
Drunken Elephant lunch event
Drunken Elephant drink
Curlbellaa and Hashtagbylily
Hashtagbylily Nakd co-ord skirt tshirt
Drunken Elephant Bouncy brightfacial masque illuminateur
Lily HashtagbyLily
Drunken Elephant event

Zadig Voltaire

When @Hazjar and @Janinekho invite you to an event, you can’t say no. It always promises to be spectacular. They strikes again, with the whole look and feel of the afternoon to meet the brand, Zadig Voltaire. It was located at an aesthetically pleasing spa (I mean, the round couch got all my attention in the beginning), gorgeous table setting and yummy lunch. 

Here we got a little story about the brand, smell the differents scents and of course the newest chapter of THIS IS HER! undressed. We even did a little photo shoot with the new perfume by @Marinke_photography.

I know the vibe of Zadig Voltair, so I dressed accordingly: black and “leather”.

Zadig-And-Voltaire-by-Marinke-Davelaar-Photography-Lily Tjon
Zadig-And-Voltaire-by-Marinke-Davelaar-Photography-Lily Tjon
Event Zadig Voltaire Amsterdam
Renessence Amsterdam round red couch
Event lunch Zadig Voltaire

Lancôme Skin Science 

I will always have a weakness for Lancôme. Just because I know this brand since I wanted to steal my mums beauty products from her shelves as a little girl (she still is faithful to the brand after all these years). Also, because it was my very first blog collaboration back in the days. Since I am staying at my parents in the weekends a lot, I have my Lancôme products there, so my mum and I can share it. She is always so excited when new products are added to the collection. 

Twice a year, we can expect a big PR event from Lancôme. This time I went with @chichizzhang (best sidekick for content ever). It promised to be indeed big and amazing, when the location is Fabrique des Lumières. It really was wow. Everything was Lancôme Skin Science themed, which was spectacular. Reminds me to go back soon to experience the other exhibitions. 

Anyway, I brought the iconic H.C.F. Triple Serum and newest and innovative Rénergie H.P.N. 300-Peptide cream to my mum already. Can’t wait to try it!

Lancome skin science club
Fabrique des Lumieres
Chichi Zhang


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