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After 1,5 years absent here on the blog, I am ready to be active again and I am so excited for that! I mean, life has changed. Like drastically since my last post. I don’t even know where to start to update you. 

To bring you up to speed the short version. I got married to the love of my life after being together for over 18 years, we bought a house outside of Amsterdam, and I gave birth to a beautiful babygirl named Yuna Jade. Talking about growing up big time within a year. 

I tried to keep up with everything, but when I found out that I was pregnant, I wanted to capture the pregnancy journey on my Youtube Channel, which took so much of my time that I couldn’t find the energy to be active here as well. 

I know personal blogs are a dying entity, but I can’t help to keep holding on to what’s my little safe space of creativity and where it all started for HashtagbyLily about 8 years ago. 
I am still pretty active on social media, but I am missing a place where I can put down my thoughts, sharing my journey without limits, while inspiring you with my best tips and tricks with words and photos. 

The Rose oracle card
Lily Tjon and daughter

I was doing my self care routine this morning to kick start my day. I meditated first, wrote in my journal, picked an oracle card and planned my day and week. I was answering my emails and I had to pay my hosting bill for the blog. I thought, what a waste of money to pay so much each month for something I don’t use anymore. Then I was scrolling on my own website after a long time not visiting. Then the feeling was growing. I miss my digital journal. 
Without thinking too much, I am now writing my first post again. 

Something I have learned the past few years, is that I need to act more from my instinct. It doesn’t always has to make sense, when it just feels right. 

So here we are. Same Lily, but an upgraded version. Next to Fashion, beautiful, travel, lifestyle lover, “wife” and “mommy” is added to my label. Meaning, even more topics to write about!

Like I said, I haven’t really planned this out yet. I just knew I need to start. Just write. 

I hope you’re doing really well. Can’t wait to connect again. 
See you real soon <3

Love, Lily


Lily Tjon Hashtagbylily

Chinese Dutchie sharing her love for Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Lifestyle & Culture.