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Charming Bled

Finally, the day is here, time for our vacation! Our end goal is Croatia, but we figured to make a pitstop in Slovenia since we will pass by anyway and we’ve never been here before. To be specific, we picked Bled, because that’s the first place I think of when you say Slovenia.

We arrived at Bled in the night, after long hours through Germany. As we were pretty tired, we ordered some Asian food in the Centre (Asian Peking Bled) and ate it in our hotel room, and called it the night to start fresh the day after.

The next day we spent a few hours doing the mandatory tourist activities in Bled and it was totally worth it. With a few more hours here, we could have explored the food scene better and perhaps a good hike to a nice viewpoint over the lake. Nevertheless, we got a pretty good first experience with Slovenia with this city. It felt like a quick fairytale chapter with prince charming taking me on a date. Looking at the photos and the video you will understand why <3 

Green chill suit

When I know there are quite some hours in the car ahead, I chose the comfiest clothes possible. With this in mind, I ordered this cute green set on sale. This one is stylish, yet super comfy. Win-win right?!

I paired it with my new Jordans, which is the perfect colorway for this look. Don’t you agree? 🙂

Oversized lyocell blouse: Mango / pants: Mango


The renovated café at Park Hotel has a stunning view of Lake Bled and the castle. However, that’s not the main reason why you should make a pitstop here. The very reason is their famous traditional Slovenian Bled cream cake, Blejska kremšnita.

You can order Blejska kremšnita at most restaurants and cafes around Lake Bled. Nevertheless, you will find the original cream cake at Park Hotel, where they have been serving Blejska kremšnita sine 1953 by Serbian pastry chef Ištvan Lukačević

The cream cake consists of four layers with a crispy crust on top. It’s not a small pastry, so I shared one Blejska kremšnita with my husband with a cup of tea on the side. 

It’s pretty much a mandatory stop when you’re in Bled. 


Boat rent

As charming as the city is, there are different ways to explore. One I can recommend is to rent a boat for a romantic day at Lake Bled. It’s about 15 minutes to row the boat to the tiny island. Make your experience complete by bringing some fruit or a sandwich for a little picnic on the boat surrounded by green mountains. On a hot day, you can even dip into the crystal clear waters of the lake. Boat rental at Lake Bled is €20 for each starting hour. They are quite flexible, so if you come back 20 minutes later, they won’t charge you an extra hour.

Adress: Veslaška promenada 11, 4260 Bled, Slovenia


The church of Mary the Queen Bled island

When you think of Bled, the first thing that comes to mind is the tiny island on the Lake. You don’t need a lot of time on this island. You can make it around, go to the church, eat ice cream or drink a cup of coffee and head back to the boat. We stayed here for about 20 minutes.

Address: 4260 Bled, Slovenia


Alp pension Bled Slovenia

We booked our stay a few hours before we arrived (we weren’t sure if we would make it to Slovenia). Tip: call your hotel before you book online, sometimes they are able to give you a cheaper price. In our case, it saved us 20€!

The next morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast in the garden. The hotel also has a wellness package, with Thai massages and a jacuzzi with a view. It sounded super tempting, but due to our limited time in Slovenia, we skipped this.

Address: Cankarjeva cesta 20A, 4260 Bled, Slovenia



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