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To give you a quick life update: I’m doing well! Projects are picking up for Hashtag by Lily, Base Create Collab is getting more members, and my life next to work is mainly focussed on the wedding day.
I haven’t been trying a lot of new products or hotspots to fill the February faves, as I only put genuine recommendations in these lists. Always quality over quantity!
Nevertheless, not my intention to skip these. I do have curated a good list for you now. Let me know what you think <3

X Lily




Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Marriage Parfum

€98.95 | via Douglas

As my wedding is approaching soon I’m on the lookout for the perfect perfume for my perfect day.  The Viktor & Rolf, flowerbomb marriage is a great scent. They claim it’s an explosion of a thousand flowers and it really does feel it. It is slightly musty with Jasmine and Orchid flowery tones. The bottle is especially stunning with its pink transparent mesh glass. 

I am wearing this scent when we are working on the wedding (scouting locations, dress fittings etc), so this scent will always remind me of our special day. 


Milu Lip Oil

€18.48| via Douglas

Sealed with a kiss! I’m always a fan of Milu’s products and their new lip oil is amazing. It contains hemp seed oil which helps to nourish and moisturise your lips. It is mostly used as a lip treatment and can be applied as often as possible! 



Browpencil Huda Beauty

€17.00 |  via Huda Beauty

BOMBbrows from Huda Beauty is my new go to makeup product. The retractable 0.9 mm ultra-fine tip is sharp, precise, and a clean process to natural looking brows. If you are in need to changing up your brow routine or needing a finer pencil, this product is a must! 



Olapex No. 3

€27.50 |

We’ve all must’ve heard of the hype for the Olaplaex no 3 by now and I finally got the chance to try it out! I was instantly amazed by how quick the difference was after using the no.3 in combination with no.1. My hair felt more smooth and strong. All you need to do is apply a generous amount from your roots to the tips and let it sit 10 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner! It’s that easy to have healthy hair. 

I got you a 20% discount code on all Olaplex products with discount code “LILY20”, valid until April 30th. Olaplex rarely has promotions, so definitely think about it 😉


Hojicha Latte

Jan Evertsenstraat 89 | via T’s Tea

I think this is it As some of you may have seen I collaborated with T’s teas this month on a giveaway for their hojicha gift set. This set includes everything you need to make an amazing Hojicha Latte at home. I love my teas and T’s definitely offer one of the best quality tea in Amsterdam. They also have a tea bar in Amsterdam that you should definitely check out!


Base create collab

Base Create Collab

Book a free session here

Meet my other baby, Base Create Collab! It’s a coworking space for creative entrepreneurs in the heart of Amsterdam, including a studio, meeting room, and a beautiful kitchen.

The best thing about Base, in my opinion, is the amazing girlboss community. Men are certainly welcome too, but it’s pretty much female-dominated! We created an environment where everyone is very open and supportive. Which I am really proud of!
Are you a creative entrepreneur (from photographer, graphic designer content creator to marketeer) and looking for a place to work, create and support? Book a free trial day to experience Base Create Collab for yourself! Put in my name in the notes and I will personally host you that day 😉




Free with Invite | Join here

Clubhouse is an invitation-only social media app (at the moment only for IOS) that facilitates auditory conversations through “rooms”. You can actively host a virtual room for live discussions by participating through speaking or you can just listen to the sessions.
I recently downloaded this app and I have even hosted a beauty talk with my fellow beauty content creators @curlbella, @tessduinker, and @sisibolatini.
It was a fun evening where a lot of our followers were present in the room and some actively joined us on stage with questions.

I’m looking forward to hosting part 2, as the feedback was really enthusiastic. See you at Clubhouse?!



A New Earth

€12.80  via Book Depository  

You are either ready for this book or you’re not. I surely hope that you are, because it will open your eyes that will change your life in the positive.

As interestingly Edgar keeps talking about the ego and living in the now, I couldn’t read/listen to the whole book in one take, which is totally fine. What I love about the book are all those “AHA-moments” of finally understanding my most honest self to help me through tough phases.
No wonder Oprah is praising this as her favorite book and all the 5 star reviews don’t lie about it.



Calm Meditation App

€49.99 Annually | see here

Meditation is what I need to keep my sanity in this turbulent busy period. I am still a beginner, needing a helping hand to tone down my crazy mind. There are many apps that can help you by guiding you through sessions. I am currently using Calm because I like the many options of sessions and voice.
I try to meditate every day now. Especially when I have an anxiety attack I open this app and meditate for a few minutes. One time I had to put on the app while I was in the tram commuting. After I did it, I felt a bit better and the day actually turned out pretty great.

Exposing my emotions, putting things into perspective, and living in the now is what I achieve by doing it. Meditating should be a skill everyone should learn in my opinion for their own and collective awareness.




Primine Collagen Supplement

€89.99 via Primine

The beauty trend shifted the last years to products that you take in, to take care of your health and skin from within.
Collagen is known for what it can do for your skin (elasticity, moisture, wrinkles, etc) appearance. I have been trying the SmartFilm strips from Primine, which will give you that Collagen boost daily.
Primine SmartFilm promised big results by applying the strips every night before bedtime. I have been using it for a while, but my problem was that I forgot to do so every single night. Still, I did notice the glow and firmness after two weeks.

If you’re interested in Collagen, you should definitely take a look at their website, where the product and collagen are explained in detail.

If you’ve been here for a while you might just know my love for Kinder! I found these Kinder Joy’s in our local supermarket and they’ve definitely been a joy snacking on. When you crack open the egg, you get both a toy and half an egg of creamy delicious crunchy chocolate. Kids would love the gift surprises inside like the other egg.


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