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10 Favorites From June


June was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. So many big impact circumstances were happening in my life and around me. Somehow these things always happen all at the same time. 
Time for self-reflection and take these things I’m facing as challenges to be a better version of myself. 

Too deep maybe, but that was June for me. Next to this, I think the Black Lives Matter movement was the most important topic of the month. I have been dedicating a lot of time to educate myself about this topic and to support the movement in every way I can. I say the most important topic of the month because it all started with George Floyd, the end of May. However, it should be an important topic ALL THE TIME! I hope we can keep this spirit until racism is out of the world! 

That said, I have a few recommendations that made my life better this month. It’s a mix of favorite products to educational material that I can recommend. I hope you enjoy them <3

x Lily



Guasha Stone

€49,95 (via Bindweefselbar)

Bindweefselbar Amsterdam introduces a new stone: the Guasha glow stone. This stone makes sure that you’re having a mindful and relaxing beauty ritual. The guasha stone can be used to perform massages on the face and body for better blood flow for tighter skin. It’s a fixed part of my day and nighttime skincare routine now! 


BECCA Cosmetics  Highlighter

€40,79 (via Douglas)

The Becca Ignite Liquified Ligt Highlighter is a liquid highlighter for face and body that gives skin a pearlized glow, infused with a fragrance that lights you up, outside in, inside out.
When I saw the press release of this product I was immediately stalking the PR agency. I was already fan of the other Becca product and this one doesn’t disappoint. I use it on my face and the leftovers I mix it with a body cream for my body. Perfect for that summer glow!



Aveda Shampoo Invati Advanced

€34 (via Douglas)

Aveda invati advanced exfoliating shampoo  gently exfoliates, cleanses and renews the scalp with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid, removing build-up that can clog pores.

Hair magician, @curlbellaa, recommended this one for me as I have an irritated scalp lately. I have only used it one time now, so maybe it’s too soon to recommend this already but I trust Aveda and @curlbellaa on this 🙂


Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner

€699 (via De Bijenkorf)

The Dyson vacuum cleaner has high suction and it’s cord-free. You can also switch easily between three power modes. The vacuum cleaner also has an LCD screen that shows how many batteries you have left.
I have been praising this product in my review here



Docu: Pete en de bananen

Maybe I’m biased as I star in this documentary myself next to Pete Wu and other bananas hahahaha. But even if I didn’t have a role in it, I think this documentary was highly needed. It’s a start with some Asian representation in the Dutch media landscape and I hope that many more will follow!
You will find me in the first episode telling my ‘Secret love story’ that I have shared in a blog post.



How I built this with Casey Neistat

Listen podcast here

Despite having to start his career over several times – Casey Neistat became a brand name in social media and advertising, and is now one of the biggest names on YouTube, with an audience of nearly 12 million. 

I have been following Casey Neistat for years and I have seen all his videos. Listening to this podcast gave me even more respect for what he has managed to accomplish because he really started from scratch and followed his passion and worked really really really hard to be where is today. Nothing but respect.

For daily dose of business inspiration, I can highly recommend listening to the podcast ‘How I built this’ by Guy Raz.


Lois Lee Glasses Blue Light Filter

€25 (via Lois Lee)

Blue Light Blocking Glasses protect against the harmful influence of too much blue light on your hormonal balance. Too much blue light might disturb your natural sleep rhythm by holding back the natural production of sleep-inducing melatonin, eventually diminishing the quality of your sleep. These Blue Light Blocking Glasses filter out about 35% of the blue light we are exposed to daily.

I wear these glasses when I am working on my laptop, especially at night. Next to being functional, I kinda like this look!



Nike shorts

€35 (via Nike)

The Nike Pro Flex Shorts combine a tight, stretchy base layer with a loose and stretchy outer layer. The sweat-wicking design and mesh panels help you stay cool and dry for your toughest workouts.

I think I have never been this fit as today. Since quarantine, I have my daily workouts and even runs in the weekends. Hence, I invested in some work out outfits to rotate. 



TsTeas Matcha

Adress: Jan Evertsenstraat 89 wkl, 1057 BS Amsterdam
Instagram: @tsteas

In Amsterdam-West you will find my favorite matcha in town! My go-to order is the ‘Macho matcha latte’ with soy milk. Both hot and iced taste like a dessert. Except for Matcha, you can find anything tea-related at this tea wahala. Make sure to check this place out when you’re near.


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