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新年快樂, 身體健康, 心想事成!- Happy (Lunar) New Year! Wish you all the health and may all your wishes come true!! 🐂🧧🏮
All the headache of switching website hosts stressed me out so much that I needed a break from this to keep me sane. Maybe a bit overdramatic, but even now it’s not totally fixed yet, I feel like I can’t be “open” for business.

A new year full of energy. In the next blog, I’m gonna give you more details about my life and what my plans are. For now, I want to share my January favorites with you, like you are used to. See you soon!

X Lily



MILU Workout Beauty Face Roller

€44.24 | via Douglas

A workout for your face? I have tried many face tools and the Milu’s face roller works for me to firm and lift my face while contouring your face. With all workouts, comes a routine. For 5 to 10 minutes, start at the top of your face from your eyebrows and work to the center of your cheeks and down to your jawline. You can even roll down to your neck – that is especially satisfying!  This is definitely worth a try to elevate your skincare routine.



€29.99| via Holland & Barrett

I’ve been experimenting with ways to improve my sleep and CBD oil has always been a recommendation. I tried the 5% CBD oil and used it every night before bed. It’s been a month or so now and I do feel a difference. However, I probably need to up the dosage for a bigger effect since my condition is terrible. If you’re struggling with insomnia and are looking for a natural solution, definitely give this a go.


Kimchi Spring Rolls

€3.35|  via Amazing Oriental

These kimchi spring rolls are a game changer! They come frozen which is so great to stock up on. These spring rolls are made with a crispy pancake and filled with kimchi. Spicy and crispy – just the way I like it!


Hokkai Kitchen

Egmondstraat 2, 1976 BR IJmuiden | menu here

Hokkai Kitchen has been on my bucket list for at least two years. Many people and magazines (Elle) have been praising their sushi as the best sushi in The Netherlands, so this was about time!

They serve authentic Japanese food and are actually part of a large company Hokkai Suisan that delivers fresh Japanese fish. 

They currently do takeaway and I suggest trying out the sets!


Sigmagic Scrub Brush Cleaner

Sigmagic Scrub Brush Cleaner

€33.32 | via Douglas

Cleaning makeup brushes always feels like a chore, but Sigma’s new Sigmagic scrub brush cleaner has made my life so much easier and cleaner! This powerful tool dissolves the foundation stains and the silicone scrubs everything in the bristles away. All you have to do is rub the wet brush over the device to clean and rinse it off after, simple as that!


Ovomaltine Crunchy

Ovomaltine Crunchy

€3,71 | via Jumbo

Ovomaltine, or as I know it as Ovaltine, has always been a childhood favorite of mine! I use to drink Ovaltine (chocolate milk) all the time, both cold and hot. I was recently introduced to the Ovomaltine crunchy which is basically an Ovaltine version of peanut butter. I was pleasantly surprised and over the moon when I found out Jumbo sells it online. I ordered 3 jars, as rumors have it that they won’t keep it in the assortment anymore. So be quick if you want to try it too!


Ancora Health Consultation

Ancora Health Consultation 

€999.00 | via Ancora Health

I think we can all agree that health is one of the most important aspects of life that we should take great care of. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to your body, but then how can you take care of yourself when you don’t exactly know what you need. 

Ancora made this very clear to me by providing me access to personalized insights about my body and mind and explaining current and future health risks.
It started with several tests (from DNA to fit test) at one of their two locations in The Netherlands. The results helped me redesign my lifestyle, like taking vitamin D to what the best exercises are for my body, for optimal health. I already feel the impact of the tangible instructions of the consultations.

I believe this is the future and I hope more people will be able to make this investment for themselves.


Second Life Podcast

Second Life Podcast

Watch here  

The Second Life Podcast is about conversations with women who have had major career changes. Career changes can come at any time, especially now. This podcast is great to listen to and feel inspired by these amazing women!



Wasabi Nori Crisps 

€1.94 | via Amazing Oriental

I love discovering new chips flavor and when I came across wasabi, it did sound tempting! Slightly spicy, they taste great and I finished them quickly. Warning, once you start, you will finish the whole thing!


Kinder Joy

Kinder Joy

via Jumbo

If you’ve been here for a while you might just know my love for Kinder! I found this Kinder Joy’s in our local supermarket and they’ve definitely been a joy snacking on. When you crack open the egg, you get both a toy and half an egg of creamy delicious crunchy chocolate. Kids would love the gift surprises inside like the other egg.


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